GB3IV Closedown

Dave Williams/ September 23, 2021/ News and Information

As some of you aware, GB3IV has just been 2nd NoV. This is the end of a long legacy, much history and it was not taken lightly.

The main reason for this is that 23cm in the Portsmouth area is a real challenge, difficult coverage and our proposed site move would not be possible without frequency change. Equally the proposed site had some technical issues with power and internet – which are now both resolved.

With this in mind, a new application has been made for GB3FW, to be located at Fort Widley on Portsdown Hill.

Hopefully the new application is able to move forward and we can get the new repeater on air ASAP.

Hardware is already mostly gathered and purchased, with fingers crossed for the NoV…. Internet on site is now also arranged, so streaming can be provided.

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