These new Wiki pages are currently work in progress, a bit of a scratch pad, as the repeater develops.

In these pages, we will describe how to:

  • Receive the GB3FW repeater
      • 3.4GHz Digital (3406 MHz)
        • The transmitter is a digital ATV custom built design, based on a Lime SDR, Toshiba Power Amplifier and Filters.  The Lime SDR being driven from the BATC Portsdown software running on a Raspberry Pi 4.
      • Live Web Stream using the BATC streamer
        • The stream is permanently connected to the internet via a 4G Wireless.
        • You can also receive the stream using VLC and the below DOS or shortcut:
          • “C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe” rtmp://
          • Or manually in VLC, file > open network stream and use: rtmp://
  • Transmit into GB3FW.
    • The repeater logic will automatically scan active receivers and output both the video and audio channels to both the transmitter and live stream.  Logic for auto scanning and selecting the receivers is controlled by the VMAC PiHat v3 and Raspberry Pi
    • 23cm Analogue ATV – 1249 MHz
    • 23cm Digital DATV – 1249 MHz
    • 6cm Analogue ATV – 5665 MHz
    • 13cm Digital DATV – 2430 MHz

Page Updated 29 January, 2022