GB3FW Engineering Update

Dave Williams/ February 19, 2022/ News and Information/ 0 comments

Much work continues in order to get GB3FW up and running.  This includes working on the Antennas, Mast, Electronics and RF side.  Thanks to the working party Simon G0IEY, Frank G0LFI, Julia G0IUY and Dave G8PUO. Simon G0IEY has been busy on the antennas and mounting pole brackets.  Also repairing the Wind Generator Motor as it had unfortunately ceased up.

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GB3FW Site Real-Time Monitoring

Dave Williams/ February 10, 2022/ News and Information/ 0 comments

In order that a number of live remote repeater monitoring be provided, including the important real-time Solar, Wind charging and batteries voltage states, custom IoT monitors have been designed for the repeater site in order to continually upload MQTT (IoT), data and the results displayed on our website. In addition, a weather station will be added on the repeater cabin.

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