We have recently submitted a new (DATV) Digital Amateur Television repeater application, which will replace GB3IV (historically located at HMS Collingwood), at a new site within Fort Widley.

This new ATV repeater application is current with the primary user for frequency clearance and hopefully we will see OFCOM be able to issue the NoV in due course, which will allow us to get the repeater on air.

UK Repeaters Vetting

A new callsign GB3FW, reflects the important and historical heritage of Fort Widley.

Various Transmitter (3GHz),  Receivers (23cm / 5GHz), Antennas and support Equipment for the repeater is currently in acquisition and being built – in readiness for the hopeful NoV.

Details of how to receive and transmit into the repeater can be found in out Wiki

Electrical ‘Green’ power (from Solar and Wind Generators), and Internet for the SCART Group, is also setup ready.

Below is some preliminary information which we hope is of interest.

Below is a guide to the Predicted RF Coverage only, and obviously due to the topology, cannot be considered to be accurate.  This is also based on 3 GHz DATV TX which is subject to NoV.

Further details to follow as the website is updated.