GB3FW Engineering Update

Dave Williams/ February 19, 2022/ News and Information/ 0 comments

Much work continues in order to get GB3FW up and running.  This includes working on the Antennas, Mast, Electronics and RF side.  Thanks to the working party Simon G0IEY, Frank G0LFI, Julia G0IUY and Dave G8PUO.

Simon G0IEY has been busy on the antennas and mounting pole brackets.  Also repairing the Wind Generator Motor as it had unfortunately ceased up.

Checking on the battery states and ensuring the off-grid supply is maintained and working in preparation for the repeater to go to site.  We also have to consider remote monitoring of the power, more on this later.

Dave G8PUO has been busy on the new Logic, Remote Monitoring and Weather Station designs. RF side on the TX and RX are also progressing and will feature in the next update.

The VMAC PiHat design has been updated to allow for additional Video and Audio inputs to facilitate the 23cm 2.4GHz and 5GHz receivers, plus talk through and Web Stream feed.

Remote monitoring is an important part of the site due to the location and being totally off-grid on power.

An IoT Internet of Things design has been put together and data from this will be available on

This remote monitoring will also be able to control the repeater and allow scheduled shutdown of elements to conserve power when needed.

The Remote Monitoring Station PCB designed and being fabricated.  This will monitor the battery, solar and wind charging states, plus current consumptions and states of the TX and RX.

The Compact Weather Station PCB designed and being fabricated.  Nice to have something on site and makes a great project.




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